Hey there, nature photographer!


Feel like there's something more you could be doing in your photography but you're not quite sure what?

If you LOVE making photos that inspire people to care about wilderness and wildlife but find yourself taking the same kinds of photos again and again (and posting them on social because you just aren't sure what else you should do with them…), then that's a good sign.

You're ready for the next step in skill level: Photo Stories!


Nature Photo Stories: 3 Types of Stories You Can Make Near Home Starting Today

3 simple-to-make story ideas to level-up your photography skills from stand-alone shots to photo stories so you can capture the attention of audiences and editors, and make a BIG positive impact for the wildlife and wilderness you love.

This 5-episode free mini course walks you through 3 types of fun, inspiring, and creative nature-focused photo stories. 

It's delivered right to your favorite podcast player so you can binge-listen and learn on the go!

Each episode is filled with how-to steps and loads of examples so you can quickly unlock the same creative story-focused approach pros use to make their photos (and the causes they care about) stand out from the crowd and spark positive change. 

Nature Photo Stories Podcast
Nature Photo Stories Podcast

You come back from a morning out with your camera excited

There are definitely a few keepers on your memory card. 

You get them polished up, post 'em on social with a caption you've carefully written to educate and inform, and wait for the likes to roll in. 

And they do… You score a few ❤️s and comments of “Beautiful.” or “Lovely”. 


Those photos you spent hours creating drift slowly into the dark and bottomless scroll of social. 

Now what? 

You KNOW you want to use this fired-up energy you have for photography toward something bigger… 

something more fulfilling…

something more impactful…

and you're READY for it. 


It's time to…

lean into the power of photo stories to confidently get more opportunities to grow your audience, publish your work, and make a real positive impact for wildlife and wilderness at the same time.  

If you want to 

✅ Gain a unique skill set that few other nature photographers (even many pros!) have mastered
Open up new opportunities for selling your photos and getting published
Uncover new-found confidence in your photography skills
Put your photos to work making a real and measurable impact for wilderness and wildlife

Then now's the time to level-up from stand-alone shots and dive into crafting photo stories. 

The good news is making photo stories isn’t nearly as intimidating or time-consuming as you might think.

You could literally start today on your first photo story and finish it by tomorrow evening. 

And I have 3 types of stories that are perfect for getting started. 


In this 5-episode mini course, delivered straight to your favorite podcast player, you'll learn:

✨ 3 types of photo stories that you can make using your nature photography starting today

✨ Which type of story best suits you for what you want to accomplish

✨ My top strategy for figuring out your best story idea to pursue

Plus loads of ideas and inspiration for each type of story, and plenty of examples from photo stories published in major magazines to fire up your creative engines.


“Jaymi has this incredible gift to inspire and encourage others. After listening to this short series, I felt pumped up and excited to get out there in my community and photograph the conservation stories that popped into my head while listening. Don’t miss this chance to get your creative juices flowing!”

Lisa Alvarez, Nature Conservation Photographer

Get a jolt of fresh creative energy and a new clear direction to take your nature photography

when you make the leap from standard stand-alone shots to crafting rich photo stories about the places and species you love. And you now have access to the easiest tool to get started. 



Hi! I'm Jaymi Heimbuch


I’ve been a professional wildlife conservation photographer for 10 years. Equal to my passion of pursuing stories is my joy of teaching.

I thrive on helping YOU attain your greatest goals and feel fulfilled in your nature-focused photography because I deeply believe in the positive effect that your photographic talents can have on this world. I want to give you the tools and training you need to get outside with your camera and do amazing things.

This private podcast series pulls from my years of experience as a photographer shooting stories, my experience as a photo editor designing stories, and my experience teaching the art of photo stories to hundreds of nature photographers through Conservation Visual Storytellers Academy ®.

The binge-worthy episodes are built to give you quick and actionable ideas and a clear path forward so that you can head joyfully out the door with your camera to begin your adventure not simply as a nature photographer… but as a visual storyteller. 

I'm excited to help you find the photo stories that light. you. up! 


Nature Photo Stories Podcast